WOW. what a weekend! It was such an awesome time 🙂

When I got the email back in july that i may be part of the event, it was like an early christmas present for me. After a stressful 2013 and an eventful 2014 I was happy to be back in the toy / custom / art game in 2015.

All those ideas went through my head… all the possibilities… art books, exclusive sculptures… and well that’s when I started working on my PLUMKIN figure…


This here was the first prototype. With the help of Evan Morgan 50 copies were made.11995689_774521892657189_118626839_n(photo courtesy of Evan Morgan)

Long nights of painting later… the whole squad of 50 Plumkins was ready for the con…  

It was pretty last minute, when i got all my stuff like table cloth and the barbed wire for the VIECC booth… But in the end everything went smooth.

With the help of my girlfriend carina and my dad Charly, the booth and table was set up pretty quickly… and it was so different to all the other tables in the artist alley. It had this D.I.Y. punk flair, which was exactly what I was after. 


I met a whole lot of interesting people… met a whole lot of old friends… got so many kind words about my works… so many disgusted looks at my artwork (so awesome)… It was sick.

My favorite moment was when a kid came by my booth and asked his mom to get one of my sculptures/toys for christmas…. DAMN someone wants my work for christmas? A kid? That was such a great moment. But… Mom said no..
Now I regret not just giving him a figure for free … meh.

If the mom, whose son wanted the figure for christmas is reading this. SHOOT ME A MAIL… I WILL SEND YOU A TOY OVER!


Thanks to my dad and my girlfriend I was able to check out the convention and got myself a cool retro Mego Batman figure from 1978! NICE! What a haul!Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-25 um 21.30.05

Also got two vinyl toys from my friends SARAH LUMEN HEINE and THEODORU! – AWESOME! It’s cool to see the DIY designer toys on the rise in Austria! Check out my Instagram for those! –> INSTAGRAM.COM/DOMOWASAKI


You people gave me lots of feedback and lots of energy to keep on doing what I’m doing!