Domo Wasaki

„I wish I could curse right now… That looks quite amazing. Definitely dark, and wicked.” –Kidrobot Guru

Domo Wasaki (alias Dominik Wiesauer) is a prolific multi-media Designer, Illustrator, and Toy Customizer. Hailing from Austria, his artistic journey began when he worked for several punk & metal underground labels where he supplied logos, artwork for covers and posters and more. He then studied Art and Design and received his Bachelor’s Degree.

Throughout Domo’s time as an innovative artist, he has received numerous awards, including three CCA Venus Design Awards. His work has also been featured in various San Francisco exhibits alongside renowned illustrators like Frank Kozik, Amanda Visell, and Ashley Wood. Recently, Domo Wasaki released his very first resin toy, which was presented at the VIECC Vienna Comic Con.

Currently, Domo Wasaki happily works as a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic & Web Designer. To find out more about his Tim Burton-esque and nightmarishly cute creations, check out this website and Domo’s official Instagram!